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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 07:29

Dive Reunion and Nosy Be, Madagascar

Diving on a thousand encounters, a thousand landscapes, a thousand sensations and various dive sites… right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Reunion is a French island that stands out from all the others. It’s an island where you can dive prestine reefs, walk in valleys full of waterfalls and visit an active volcano all in the space of one day.

Reunion is an island that rises 3 069m straight out of the ocean and has thousands of valleys surrounding its active volcano. The entire island is covered in mountains and the waters provide some of the best dive sites the Indian Ocean has to offer.

ALL South Africans need to visit this hidden gem! You have no idea on what you are missing out on. And it’s right on our doorstep!

Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island, hosts one of the world's longest continuous coral reefs. The country is famous for her unique land animals, but her seas are also full of life not found anywhere else. And she doesn't just have endemic species: around the Madagascar coast are found at least 34 types of whale and dolphin, 5 types of turtle, 56 types of shark, 300 hard corals and 1300 species of bony fish. Fluo Night diving is only available at Sakatia Lodge.

Divers get 23kg main luggage and an extra 20kg for dive gear on Air Austral