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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 05:16

7 tips for safe diving

Do you want to dive? Well, exploring the underwater environment is a
fascinating experience. However, no one can't start diving without
some prior knowledge. Here are 8 tips that you must keep in mind
during your first dive.

1 Prepare yourself well

Diving is not the same as other sports, like running where you just
need to put on a pair of running shoes and start running. In diving,
you need previous training with a dive instructor to guide you through
your first steps. At Travel With Options, we offer you a complete
catalogue of diving courses that cover all stages of learning.

2 Never dive alone

It is the golden rule of diving. Find at least one
person and always dive together, do not stray more than 3 meters from
one another. It is also important to communicate frequently with signs
your diving partners understand.

3 Do not hold your breath

We have a natural tendency to hold our breath. It is almost a
spontaneous act, even though you carry diving equipment that gives you
the oxygen you need. Holding our breath when it is not necessary can
cause problems like lung overexpansion injuries.

4 Ascends slower than your bubbles

Our body does not tolerate sudden changes in pressure. That is why
whenever you are underwater and want to ascend you must do it slowly.
To do this a universal rule in diving is to ascend slower than you slowest
bubble emitted with each exhalation of air.

5 Equalise your ears

The pressure change that occurs when diving is especially noticeable
in the ears and can be a very uncomfortable sensation. To avoid this,
you have to resort to equalisation, which consists of making the
pressure of the ears equal to the pressure of the water (you will feel
a small pop ). One of the best-known manoeuvres is the Valsalva
manoeuvre, which consists of blocking the nostrils with the fingers
and blowing through the nose. You have to do this manoeuvre more or
less every meter you descend.

6 Do not move too much

Remember that the water is about 800 times denser than air so that any
movement will cost you more effort than on the surface and you should
not tire too soon.

8 Be conservative

In diving, the more conservative you are, the more confident you will
be. Complying with the rules will keep you safe.