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Monday, 14 August 2017 09:00

Reunion Island's Lunar Eclipse Experience

Reunion Island offers its visitors many adventurous activities and spectacular wonders.  This Indian Ocean destination makes for an unspoiled getaway from the mundane and allows travellers to truly indulge their senses.

The annual lunar eclipse is one of the many unique events that take place on Reunion Island, viewed from the charming coastal town of Saint-Denis on the north side of the island, it brings something special to Reunion Island's already remarkable nightlife.  

This year’s lunar eclipse was seen on Monday 7 August at 7:15 pm and lasted a total of 5 hours, giving travellers the opportunity to enjoy the majestic views of Saint-Denis along with this striking lunar sight.

Along with the opportunity to experience this astronomical event, Reunion Island’s Saint - Denis offers a vast variety of activities and sights that can be enjoyed during by visitors. From scenic walks along the pristine coastlines to sundowners while digging your toes into the sand, this beachside town is certainly packed with diverse options!

Saint Denis reunion

Saint-Denis is known for its subtle French charm that has captured the hearts of many Francophiles looking for a tropical destination that evokes the intimacy and cultural atmosphere of France. However, when you take a closer look past the French polish, you will soon find that Saint-Denis has a rich Creole culture that embodies the soul of Reunion Island’s people. Take some time to immerse yourself in this vibrant culture by spending some time at local cafés or embark on a night out and dance to the alluring beats of Séga and Maloya artists performing at bars and pubs. Take a bite out of some delicious delicacies or sip on a yummy Bourbon, let yourself get lost in the motions of Saint-Denis and give into the charismatic atmosphere of Reunion Island. After all…It’s all about the experience.