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The Aquarium de La Réunion offers an immersion in Reunion’s seabed while staying dry.
Whether it be the bottom of the lagoons, that of the Indian Ocean’s deep crevices or average depths, the Aquarium de La Réunion hosts the whole marine ecosystem of Reunion, in several tanks with a combined capacity of 600 000 liters.

Observe over 500 fish and discover through educational tours how fish are fed, how aquariums are maintained and how Islands marine ecosystem works.

The stars of the Aquarium:

• The seahorses and pipefish
• The black tip reef sharks
• The lionfish
• The damzelfish
• The sea bat
• Reunion’s clown fish
• The zebra shark
• The triggerfish, boxfish, surgeon fish ...

5 areas of the aquarium:

• Marine biodiversity
• The reef depths
• The volcanic cliffs
• The open sea
• Coral gardens

Explore the 5 areas and you will discover a variety of fish species, the vast range of coral reefs, and learn to know how this fragile ecosystem operates and thus understand its importance.

Activities and services

The Aquarium de La Réunion opens its doors to offer school tours and educational visits, guided by playful visual animations, allowing children but also adults, to easily understand the complexity of the marine world.

For groups (school ...), optional animations on reservation:
• Isa the pirate girl
• Facial Mask
• Backstage tour
• Tactile Pool

The Aquarium de La Réunion also offers works councils and associations formulas that are dedicated to them, with the possibility of privatizing all the facilities for a day or half a day.