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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 15:49

5 Awesome Things to do in Mauritius

Blue water, amazing white sand beaches, mountains, stunning heritage sites, this is Mauritius! A beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeast coast of Africa.

We've put together a list of ideas that will make your vacation to Mauritius one you will never forget.

1. Head to Caudan Waterfront 


The Waterfront is a great meeting spot for locals. Have a great time and enjoy street entertainers, unique shops, a Kiddyland, a wide array of food options.

The waterfront features many historical buildings, including the Blue Penny Museum, The Stamp Museum, and the Mauritius Natural History Museum.These museums should be at the top of your list of what to do in Mauritius to learn the history of this amazing nation.

2. Grand Bay

grand bay travel with options

Featuring great restaurants, clubs and bars, Grand Bay is made for a fun-filled night out. 

The La Cuvette beach is a great place to relax and enjoy your visit.  This is a real tourist mecca, and you will find some wonderful Mauritius attractions here.

3. Scuba Dive in Blue Bay Marine Park

blue bay marine park

Located on the southeast part of the Mauritius island, Blue Bay Marine Park is an amazing place where you can scuba dive, snorkel, surf, sail or enjoy any water sport you desire. No better way to relax and enjoy your vacation!
Blue Bay Marine Park has over 50 different species of corals, in a unique network of reefs that break the oceans waves to protect the bay.

There amany fish species swimming in the shallower water that will make any snorkelling or diving a fantastic experience. Atop the marine park is ‘Ile des Deux Cocos’, an islet within the lagoon should also be on your list of what to do in Mauritius while in this area.

4. Triolet Shivala


A trip to Mauritius would not be complete without visiting the Triolet Shivala. A Hindu temple located in Triolet, which is the longest village in the nation.

The Triolet Shivala was built in 1819 and is the biggest Hindu temple in the nation, the temple is devoted to the Gods Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Murugan, Brahma and Ganesha.  A visit to this temple will bring you much closer to the culture and traditions of the country.

5. Flic en Flac

flic en flac two

Another must see to add on your list of things to experience in Mauritius. Located on the west coast of the island, it has some of the magnificent beaches Mauritius is famous for

Find hotels within a walking distance to the beach, enjoy a relaxing spa, sip on one of the famous local ice cold Phoenix beer or Green Island rum at one of the outside bars after playing in the ocean all day!

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