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Madagascar - Kirindy Reserve & Baobabs - 7 Nights

Kirindy is a privately managed forest in one of Madagascar's most threatened ecosystems: its dry deciduous forests. It it famous for the giant jumping rat, but is also home to seven species of lemur and a number of endemic reptiles. The flora is equally unusual - a number of unique species are found at Kirindy.

The Kirindy Mitea National Park is a national park on the coast of the Mozambique Channel, in south-west Madagascar. The 72,200 hectares (178,000 acres) park contains many endemic animals and plants and claims to have the greatest density of primates in the world.

The national park is situated on the south-west coast of the Mozambique Channel and includes a marine area with seven small islands. It is in the Menabe Region near Belo sur Mer and Morondava and is surrounded by the Maharivo River and Lampaolo River. The entrance to the park is 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of Morondava. During the warm, dry season from March to November, much of the wildlife is hibernating, the vegetation is brown and the trees are leafless. Animals and plants come to life in the rainy season (Dec - Feb) when temperatures can reach 40 °C . 

There are a wide range of ecosystems due to reserve being in an area where southern and western biotypes meet. Within the park is the largest remaining area of dry deciduous forest, tropical dry forest, spiny forest, beaches and sand-dunes, mangroves and coral reefs. One hundred and eighty-five species of plants have, so far, been recorded, among them three species of baobab, as well as seven species of mangrove trees.

Kirindy supports eight species of lemur: 
Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur – Microcebus berthae
Red-fronted brown lemur – Eulemur rufifrons
Pale fork-marked lemur – Phaner pallescens
Grey mouse lemur – Microcebus murinus
Coquerel's dwarf lemur – Mirza coquereli
Fat-tailed dwarf lemur – Cheirogaleus medius
Red-tailed sportive lemur – Lepilemur ruficaudatus
Verreaux's sifaka – Propithecus verreauxi

This resort is situated on the outskirts of Morondava, in a countryside full of rice fields and Baobabs, near to the sea and not far from the seaside village of Kimony.

The sea and beach is separated  from the hotel by a strip of salt marsh land and mangroves.
The white sandy beach is vast and clean with hardly a person in sight.
The hotel is made up of 23 spacious bungalows built out of local wood and brick, built on pilotis in a large garden site of 5 hectares.

The bungalows are separated enough to maintain a good privacy for each of their occupants.

Small alleyways of sand relay each bungalow to the restaurant, bar pool and other leisure centres.

Each bungalow has a private bathroom with solar heated hot water and a small louge.
Each bungalow has air conditioning, ventilators, satellite television a small mini bar and there is WIFI in the restaurant and Bar areas.

The restaurant is built with an orignal style using local woods and has a very beautiful aesthetic quality.

We propose a varied choice of menus , however clients using travel agencies have menus usually decided for them.

We try to use mainly local products and favour naturally grown, fished or pasturised animal or vegetable foods.

The basic elements used are seafood, zebu meat, chicken and local fruit and vegtables, other vegetables do not grow on the coast and are imported from the highlands of Madagascar.

We have an international style cuisine, and can cater for different nationality requirements as well as special requests : vegetarian dishes, gluten free diets etc…

Childrens playground :
The Kimony Resort has a playground for you to entertain your young children sharing together a friendly and educational time in a tropical paradise ...


Day  1 : Johannesburg –Antananarivo
On arrival, we meet you and transfer you to the Urban Hotel 3* on a half board basis.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Morondava
Transfer to the airport.Check –in for the flight to Morondava.You will be met by our team. Accommodation at Kimony hotel 3* on a half board basis.

Day 3: Kirindy Reserve and Baobabs
After breakfast, visit of Kirindy reserve: lemurs, birds etc,if you will be lucky, you will see the endemic fauna “Fossa” that is a nocturnal predator. In the afternoon, visit of beloved baobabs and the alley of baobabs. Accommodation at Kimony hotel 3* on a half board basis.

Days 4 -5 -6: Relax on the beach
Days free: Swimming in the Mozambican channel and relax on the beach.The beach is situated about 600m from the hotel.You can order your lunches with the drinks and then, they will be brought there on the beach as a picnic. Accommodation at Kimony hotel 3* on a half board basis.

Day 7: Morondava – Antananarivo
Transfer to the airport.Fly back to Antananarivo. Accommodation at Urban hotel 3* on a half board basis.

Day 8: Antananarivo –Johannesburg
Transfer to airport. Check in for the flight back.

Package Includes:
Return flights on either Airlink or Air Austral from JHB with taxes
Return flights on Air Madagascar from TNR to Morondava with taxes
Hotel on a HB
Kirindy reserve
Alley of baobabs
Car rental +fuel +driver

Package Excludes:
Drinks, lunches, tarvel insurance ,personal expenses, optional extras, tips and any items not mentioned above.

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