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Budget Guide

In order to assist in budgeting for a holidayin the Maldives, here is a listing of approximate prices.
Please note, however, that these prices will vary depending on the star grading of the venue.

$= US Dollar

Bottle of water 1l     $8

Soft Drink     $8

Local Beer     $7

Alcoholic Cocktail  $12 - $15

Wine by the glass     $12

Bottle of  house wine $50 -$150

Spirits (pouring brand)    $9

Coffee     $7

Light lunch (Sandwich or pizza)      $25

Dinner (3 course)                  $80

Burger    $18

Standard spa massage     $130

Dive for a qualified diver      $90

Babysitting        $25 per hour

These prices should be used as a budgeting guide only and are based on the average costs calculated across a wide range of hotels.