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Getting married in Maldives

Marriages are not legal in the Maldives but these idyllic atolls provide the perfect backdrop to renew your vows or have a touching blessing. Legal formalities, whether civil or religious, need therefore to be completed before you travel to the Maldives.

The first thing to do is decide on your resort and we will then secure the wedding package options and relevant prices for your consideration.A renewal of vows ceremony is the perfect way for couples to refresh pledges made in the past, or it can be a romantic ceremonial blessing of vows recently made. The ceremony can be pre-arranged at most resorts and whilst the actual ceremony itself will vary from resort to resort the basic traditions of a Maldives wedding are as follows:

• The couple choose the location which will be decorated with palms, leaves and flowers by the resort staff
• They can select what vows they would like – or prepare their own vows
• The bride and groom are prepared separately and escorted to their chosen location by the resort staff attired in traditional dress and accompanied by the beat of the traditional bodu beru drums
• The bride is presented with a bouquet and the ceremony is then conducted by the ‘Chief Islander’
• The resort staff sing traditional wedding songs.The flexibility is then yours to add professional photography, a
wedding cake, bottle of champagne, private cruise around the island, a romantic candle light dinner or whatever your selected resort is able to offer.

Some resorts encourage the couple to plant a tree on the island and a plaque commemorating the couples names and dates is also planted – a memory to always return to in the years to come.