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Getting married in Mauritius

Whether you’re planning a wedding on the beach or joining us as newlyweds to renew your vows, we’ll make sure your marriage starts with a touch of magic. There are two options for an island wedding: we can either arrange a legal wedding which includes all the formalities or a renewal of your wedding vows.

Legal wedding:
The first thing to do is decide on the hotel of your choice. Once your travel arrangements are confirmed we will be able to set a date with the hotel for the actual wedding to take place. The majority of hotels in Mauritius offer
classic wedding packages (some hotels offer this free of charge whilst others charge a fee) which include the services of the dedicated hotel wedding coordinator, location of your wedding ceremony and cake. This is usually a starting point for your magical day – the dedicated wedding coordinator at each resort will take care of all the other finer details such as:

• Hair, makeup and spa treatments
• Bridal Bouquet
• Flowers for the bridal party
• Flower arrangements
• Decorated wedding venue
• Special wedding dinner/reception, tierred wedding cake and champaign
• Musical entertainment

The planning of your wedding and the cost for additional services (as set out above) will be communicated to you directly by the hotel wedding co-ordinator, making sure all you have to do is look forward to is a stress free day of love and special memories.

Let us take care of all the legal formalities prior to your arrival in Mauritius. All you have to do is submit all your documentation (passport copies, birth certificates etc.) via our office, to the Mauritian authorities at least 6 weeks in advance. Mauritian law stipulates that a couple have to arrive in Mauritius at least three days prior to the wedding. On arrival in Mauritius (the day/time will be confirmed to your prior to departure) you will visit the magistrates court in Port Louis to complete formalities (transportation and costs for administration is included). On the day of your wedding a civil servant will conduct the ceremony at the resort. If you are travelling alone, hotel management will be happy to stand in as witness to your special day.

Renewal of Vows:

This procedure is the same as the legal wedding without the bridal couple having to visit the magistrate court in Port Louis – the cost is lower than a legal wedding. The actual wedding would take place in SA at either the magistrate’s office or in a place of worship. The renewal of vows will still take place at the resort but will not be
conducted by a civil servant.Weddings and Renewal of Vows can be conducted week days Mon – Fri excluding public holidays.

All documentation outlined below will be required for a civil wedding in Mauritius. Copies of documents must be forwarded to our office at least 6 weeks prior to the intended arrival of the wedding couple in Mauritius:

• Passport copies of the couple (pages containing passport number, photo and issue/expiry dates).
• Birth certificates - issued within 3 months of the wedding date.
• If divorced, the former marriage certificate and divorce certificate/s.
• If either is a widow/widower, the former marriage certificate or death certificate of spouse/s.
• If either is under 18 years of age, on the date of the marriage, an affidavit,granting permission for the wedding
• If either has been adopted, an adoption paper needs to be produced.

Conditions - applicable for all divorced women or widows:

A wedding can only be celebrated 300 days after the divorce decree or from the date of death certificate of spouse. Alternatively the female must be in possession of a medical certificate stating that there is no pregnancy. This medical certificate must be issued in Mauritius.The Registrar will use the marriage certificate in the maiden surname of the bride at the time of the celebration of marriage. It is understood that only the maiden surname will appear on the marriage certificate. Only if a change of name has been effected through legal procedures, will the new name appear on the marriage certificate.

Any relevant documentation, which is in any language other than English or French, must be officially translated and be accompanied by the original. The wedding couple will be required to complete certain legal formalities in
Port Louis at least one working day prior to their wedding ceremony. The visit to Port Louis will take approx 4 hours. It is advisable for the couple to be in Mauritius at least 3 days (including at least 1 working day) prior to the actual wedding. The wedding couple will be provided transport to and from Port Louis as well as the services of our local agent to assist with these formalities. Original documents must be taken by the couple to Mauritius.

Administrative costs for Legal wedding

Approx. R6 420. This includes all administration fees, transport to and from Port Louis, official officer to perform the wedding ceremony at the hotel.

Administrative costs for Renewal of Vows

Approx. R4 000. This includes the official officer to perform the wedding ceremony at the hotel.The cost for the wedding function and all related services will depend on the number of guests/location and services provided.
The following matrimonial systems are proposed in Mauritius:-

1. The legal system of community of goods.
2. The legal system of separations of property.
3. A marriage settlement embodied in a notarial deed in accordance with the common wish of the future spouses.
If the couple choose no. (3) above, they will have to bring along a letter drawn by their attorney in South Africa.