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Zanzibar is the number one beach location in East Africa. It is a wonderful island, with classic tropical beaches, lush plantations, an incredible history and a fascinating culture. Apart from historic Stone Town, with its labyrinth of narrow streets, Zanzibar

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Zanzibar is a few degrees south of the equator and enjoys a tropical climate that is largely dominated by the Indian Ocean monsoons. The kasikazi winds are from the north and occur in the winter months bringing the short rains.

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Most of the people in Zanzibar are Muslim and all towns and villages on Zanzibar
Island have mosques. Visitors to Zanzibar Town (Stone Town) cannot fail to hear
the evocative sound of the muezzins calling people to prayer from the minarets,
especially for the evening session at sunset. There are also small populations of
Christians and Hindus.

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Cash (US Dollars) and credit cards are accepted at hotels and at any Bureau de Change. We recommend that passengers take USD cash in small denominations for incidental purchases, tips etc. or exchange funds on arrival at the airport ATM.

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220/230 V. square pin adapter (same plugs as UK)

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As Zanzibar is situated in a malaria zone, it is recommended that you consult your physician on the correct preventative medication required before you travel.

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The indigenous language spoken throughout Zanzibar is Swahili (called Kiswahili
locally). This language is also spoken as a first language by Swahili people along the
east African coast, particularly in Kenya and mainland Tanzania. English is widely
spoken and understood.

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