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Getting married in Zanzibar

Whether you’re planning a wedding on the beach or travelling as newly weds to renew your vows, we’ll make sure your marriage starts with a touch of magic.

The first thing to do is decide on the hotel of your choice.  Once your travel arrangements have been confirmed we will be able to set the actual date with the hotel for the wedding.Most hotels in Zanzibar offer classic wedding packages which include the services of the hotel wedding co-ordinator as well as a venue for the actual ceremony to take place.  This is usually the starting point for your magical day – the wedding coordinator will help with the finer details such as:
• Hair and makeup and any special spa treatments you require
• Bridal bouquet and flowers for the bridal party
• Photographer and videographer
• Your wedding reception with entertainment
Let us take care of the legal formalities prior to your arrival in Zanzibar. According to Tanzanian law, clients must be in Zanzibar 4 days prior to the wedding. Weddings cannot be held on a weekend or a public holiday.

All you have to do is submit 2 copies of the required documentation (all certified) at least 2 months prior to arrival in Zanzibar – these include:
• Unabridged birth certificates
• Copies of ID documents and passports
• Copies of divorce or death (in the case of being widowed) certificates (if applicable)
• A letter confirming that neither are married – signed by a commissioner of oaths
• A letter stating your full name, address and occupation and the same letter for the parents – all signed bya commissioner of oaths
• 2 passport sized photos
Zanzibar weddings are legally accepted in South Africa but please make sure you arrange your prenuptial agreement before leaving home. You will need to travel with the originals together with a set of certified copies of the above documentation

Renewal of vows
This is similar to a legal wedding without all the legal formalities.The actual wedding would take place in SA at either a magistrate office or in a place of worship.
The administration fee applicable is approximately USD 600 and includes:
• Processing of all legal documentation
• Transportation of the minister to the resort for the wedding ceremony
• Marriage certificate
• Registration fee’s