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**Diving Sites Guide for Reunion Island**

It is possible to dive all year round in the tropics. Winter, from May to September, is the peak season for swell coming from the South and from June to September the whales come to Reunion Island. The water is at its coolest in winter (23°C to 26°C) but the unique song of the cetaceans is sure to warm up your excursions! In summer, Jan and Feb and occassionaly into middle march can be very windy. The water temperature can reach up to 30°C in December and diving in a shorty in summer is the best option. This is the period when the reef is richest in life with predators and clouds of juvenile fish! If you love tranquillity, the months of November and December, and especially May to June, will be most appropriate.

Please click on the PDF attachment at the bottom to see a description of the Dive sites and Dive Villages.

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