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About Reunion

Home to one of the world's most active volcanoes, snow-capped Piton de Fournaise, RĂ©union is a little-known gem. This rocky,French-governed island off the coast of East Africa is easily explored by. The road into the mountains provides breath taking scenery. Bike tours on rough back roads are an option for the brave and the extremely fit. Beyond the reach of cars, the untamed village Cirque de Mafate shows the island's wildest side Just 200km West of Mauritius, RĂ©union is one of the very few Island destinations that allows you to experience total relaxation and extraordinary adventure in a single journey.

The island and its 4 major assets

The volcanic side

The volcanic island called Reunion Island appeared out of the ocean three million years ago. The Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, shapes the landscape and even gains ground on the ocean itself during certain lava flows. An astonishing lunar landscape, the floor shaped by hardened lava flows, the earth covered in orange and brown scorch marks: climbing up the Piton de la Fournaise reveals strange, stunning, but very accessible scenery. The Plaine des Sables, the Pas de Bellecombe mountain pass, craters and lava flows are just some of the magical places you will never forget. When you get to the base of the volcano, the scenery of the Savage South creates a visual spectacle, with craggy basalt cliffs, the green of lush vegetation and the deep blue of the Indian Ocean.

By the sea

Treat yourself to a blue ocean escape In Reunion Island, dive into the blue, it's a magical encounter with whales and dolphins, is to contemplate the sunset over the ocean, is to plunge into the bottle to see rich fauna and flora, it is safe swimming in the protected lagoon and snorkel in the Marine Nature Reserve of the Ermitage. The four corners of the island, the coastline will give you surprising landscapes associated with contrasting reliefs of Reunion :To the North:The North shore will allow the leisure or sports activities with family. Southward: Few kilometers from the lagoon, a coastal equipped for picnics, and impressive "Blowers" To the East:The coastline of the windward coast is renowned for the beauty of extinct lava flows that extend to the sea West: Twenty kilometers of lagoon and a Marine Nature Reserve.

In the mountains
Explore the forces of nature in abundance.

The jewels in the crown of Reunion Island, its volcanic peaks, craters and ramparts were included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites on 10 August 2010, endorsed by the Committee. This was a long-awaited and justified recognition for this European island in the Indian Ocean. A unique natural environment where the mountains merge with the sea, where the undulating relief of the landscape offers magnificent scenery, and where 30% of natural space has remained intact since the island's discovery: Reunion Island confirms its status as a destination with exceptional natural assets.

Reunion Island Traditions

The name Reunion Island very much captures the essence of this place... With populations from Africa, Madagascar, Asia and Europe, this island's success as a melting pot of cultures is a happy exception in the current political landscape. Here, difference is a source of richness and creates an astonishing cultural diversity, which is expressed in the island's architecture, dance and cuisine.