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Reunion Island & Nosy Be Island ( Madagascar) Combinations

Explore Reunion & Madagascar Islands. Combine the best of both worlds. You can scuba dive, snorkel and have a variety of watersports / yachts / Dhows on offer. Each country is unique and has special secrets to reveal. You can visit vanilla plantations, rhum factory, the volcano, 3 Circque’s, the lemurs, Lekobe Nature Reserve ( Just to mention a few) - the most unique indigenous fauna and flora worldwide between two islands.

From moon looking volcanoes to clear blue lagoons, this tropical French Island offers the traveller a unique concentrate of emotions. It brings together the best the world has to offer. It is one of the very few destinations that allows you to experience the most wonderful adventures. In just a single journey you can discover a huge diversity of landscapes and cultures. Reunion gives you the possibility to tour the world in only a few days!

With 40% of its 2500 km2 territory classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Reunion Island offers an amazing mix of authentic cultures and wild nature.

As soon as you will arrive on the island, you will feel and see the extraordinary variety of cultures that coexist in perfect harmony. From Asian cuisine to creole markets, from Buddhist traditions to Tamil, Islamic or Christian rituals, Reunion is a melting pot of cultures.

In a very short space of time, you will be able to travel from a volcanic desert to a dreamlike lagoon at l’Ermitage, and then move on to the most incredible green tropical forest in the cirques located at the heart of the island.

In only a few days, you will have experienced a multitude of unique adventures and sensations, all in one single and exceptional environment: Reunion Island.

Despite being Madagascar’s number-one beach destination, the island of Nosy Be remains relatively low-key.
The climate is sunny year-round, and Nosy Be is paradise for water-based activities. Diving is the island’s top draw, and there is plenty of swimming, snorkelling and sailing for those keen to stay close to the surface.

Once you’ve had enough of seascapes, head for the rolling landscapes of the little-explored hinterland: as well as the brilliant Réserve Naturelle Intégrale de Lokobe, there are cocoa, ylang-ylang and vanilla plantations, crater lakes and waterfalls, and miles of dirt tracks accessible only by foot or quad bike.

The Nosy Be Archipelago is situated off the north west coast of Madagascar (280 km2). Commonly known as the “big Island” and includes numerous smaller surrounding islands. It’s tropical climate and classical ‘Indian Ocean holiday island’ appeal makes it a leading sea, sun & sand destination. To make the most of your time on Nosy Be Island Madagascar, be sure to visit some of the surrounding islands. Nosy Be island boasts fine hotels ranging from upmarket resort type hotels to small intimate island style boutique hotels, there is certainly accommodation to suit all budgets.

Nosy Sakatia Island (Orchid Island), a small lush island, a short boat trip from the main island offering excellent snorkelling, diving and moderate hiking. Sakatia Lodge offers full scuba diving equipment plus nitrox for those serious divers who wish to dive longer.

Deservedly the most popular of these, are Nosy Komba & Nosy Tanikely in the south, a full day excursion to these two islands is recommended. On Nosy Komba see the village culture where man and lemurs live in harmony with one another. Discover fascinating Madagascar wildlife, fauna and flora including Lemurs, Chameleons and Boa Constrictors. The Lemur sanctuary allows you to get up close and personal with these endearing little animals. Nosy Tanikely, a marine reserve offering world-class snorkelling right off the beach and scuba diving. Snorkelling equipment may be hired at the beach. A sumptuous sea food lunch & refreshments are served on the beach under the trees while being observed by the local Lemur population, making for an excellent day excursion.

Further out lies the smaller private island of Nosy Iranja and Nosy Mitsio (Tsarabanjina) distances require overnights stays. These islands offer a more upmarket & personalised accommodation. 

EXCITING NEWS... as from 1 NOVEMBER Air Austral departs from Johannesburg 3X a week - Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This makes for easier connections to Nosy Be from Reunion and the saving on airfares covers a few extra days on your holiday! It is a WIN WIN situation. Pay less / stay longer!

FLIGHT SCHEDULE EXAMPLES: ( subject to change )

OPTION 1: 1 Night RUN / 7 Nights NOS / 3 Nights RUN = 11 NIGHTS / 12 DAYS

 UU 342 K 02NOV 3 JNBRUN   1440 2030            
 UU 203 K 03NOV 4 RUNNOS  1020 1110                 
 UU 204 K 10NOV 4 NOSRUN  1220 1500           
 UU 341 K 13NOV 7 RUNJNB   1040 1255 

OPTION 2:1 night RUN / 5 Nights NOS / 1 Night RUN = 7 NIGHTS / 8 DAYS
 UU 342 K 02NOV 3 JNBRUN  1440 2030                
 UU 203 K 03NOV 4 RUNNOS 1020 1110                
 UU 204 K 08NOV 2 NOSRUN 1215 1455           
 UU 341 K 09NOV 3 RUNJNB  1040 1255           

OPTION 3: 2 Nights RUN / 4 Nights NOS / 1 Night RUN = 7 NIGHTS/ 8 DAYS

 UU 342 K 06NOV 7 JNBRUN  1440 2030                
 UU 203 K 08NOV 2 RUNNOS 1020 1110           
 UU 204 K 12NOV 6 NOSRUN 1215 1455            
 UU 341 K 13NOV 7 RUNJNB  1040 1255 

OPTION 4: 2 Nights RUN / 7 Nights NOS / 1 Night RUN = 10 NIGHTS / 11 DAYS

 UU 342 K 06NOV 7 JNBRUN  1440 2030                
 UU 203 K 08NOV 2 RUNNOS 1020 1110                 
 UU 204 K 15NOV 2 NOSRUN 1215 1455                
 UU 341 K 16NOV 3 RUNJNB  1040 1255 

Please email us for accommodation options as there is so much to choose from. You can mix land with yacht / dhow based, island hopping in Madagascar and so much more. We offer from budget to luxury accommodation options(2* to 5*).

All packages include flights, land and meals as specified. Rates are based on seasons applicable at the time of travel.

Contact us for your Honeymoon, Family / Friends vacation or Couples retreat. Single rates, kids and triple rates available. Conferencing & Business trip options are also available.

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