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Explore Rodrigues

There are 3 ways to see and experience Rodrigues Island...

OPTION 1: Interactive Travel

Step in the authenticity of Rodrigues locals and discover the picturesque island, to the benefit of the local population.

Exchanges, responsibilities, solidarity and culture, those are the words that best define collaborative tourism, which is the bridge between global backpackers and the daily life of Rodrigues locals taking part into our guided tour.

OPTION 2: Exclusive Tours

Enjoy Rodrigues through a selection of original and interactive tours.
Live and experience both local traditions and lifestyles by becoming the actors of your discovery day.

Two-way transfer
Observation points
Photo stops

OPTION 3: For a collaborative stay

By putting a plant in soil. By choosing to allow resource distributions among small and talented actors of local life.
By inserting your guided activity into the human development of the visited country, while enjoying the inhabitants authenticity, nature, sensations, history, culture, food, sports, music, dance, and more.

Please click on each picture to open it up and show you the tour and activity information. We will book your flights and accommodation on the island. Please click here for more information about accommodation options.

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