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Thailand: Similan Liveaboard

Similan liveaboard - diving with manta rays
Enjoy an amazing 3 or 6 day Similan Liveaboard adventure through the Andaman Sea. This trip takes you and your family to visit some of the most famous sites in the region. Turtles, Reefs and even a shipwreck are all possibilities. Enjoy some beach time, great food and the uninhabited Similan Islands!

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•Great fun for everyone
•Really good diving & snorkeling
•Ethically owned and operated
•Visit the best dive sites in the region
•Perfect for courses and beginners
•Feel Secure with our maniacal focus on safety
•Weekly departures – better for your schedule!
•Can be combined with a 3 Day Richelieu Rock Liveaboard for an amazing 6 day Adventure!

Our Similan Liveaboard focuses on ethical operations – with locally sourced products, ecologically friendly cleaning agents – even the shampoo we supply is safe fro the environment! And 2% of all revenue goes towards community projects. When you dive with us – you make a difference

The Similan Islands, located of the West coast of Thailand are home to some amazing beaches, great snorkeling and the most famous dive spots in Thailand. Thus, the Similan Islands diving liveaboard trips we offer are a treat to all levels of divers and marine life enthusiasts. Marine life is the densest and healthiest in the entire kingdom while the islands themselves remain uninhabited – preserved for visitors only. The underwater scenery ranges from the gentle sloping reefs of the eastern facing dive sites to the dramatic and wild boulder sites of the west. Passing pelagics like Manta Rays and Whale Sharks make visits throughout the year and hundreds of species of reef fish can be found each day (on each dive?!). The scenery above the water makes these islands just as deserving of a visit – with some of the most amazing sunsets and sunrises you will ever experience.

Best Time to Visit
While the park is open from October 15th through May 15th, the most popular time to visit is in December and Early January and you will need to book your diving trips and accommodation accordingly!

However the least amount of rain, and the smoothest water is in late February through Mid-March. Temperatures start to rise, but the seas are very calm and the evenings are nearly perfect! There is always the chance of a bit of rain, and you will certainly need your sunscreen…but this is certainly the best time to join a Similan Liveaboard

At various times in the past – with sea levels fluctuating by as much as 150m with the advance and retreat of the polar ice-caps – these islands have been under water, battered by storms, covered with marine growths, visited by creatures long extinct. More recently the islands were part of the traditional route for Sea Gypsies as they plied the seas from India to Malaysia each year. Only in the 1980’s did the brilliance of the park and the need for protection occur – and they were declared a National Marine Park and have since gained their notoriety.

Weather is a major factor in the life of these islands located in the Andaman Sea. Afternoon thunderstorms and sprinkles occur almost year-round but during the dry season (November through April) this is a welcome respite from the warm days. The Islands themselves receive only 1/3 the precipitation that the mainland gets. Only at the beginning and end of the season as the weather patterns change do we experience storms that can affect the conditions. The annual monsoons render the park closed from May 15th to October 15th of each year. It is illegal to visit during this time – but it’s also a bad idea!
What to do in Similan Islands

•Snorkelling the Similan Islands: face to face with diverse fish and beautiful reefs
•Similan Islands Diving: thailand’s most famous dive sites and incredible marine life
•Hiking/Trekking: short trails and beautiful scenery
•Bird Watching: Nicobar Pigeons, White-tailed Tropicbird, many Sea eagles and Kingfishers.
•Sun Bathing: Uninhabited islands and white sand beaches – ‘nuf said!!

Where to Stay
Staying on the Similan Islands can be done three ways. You may stay in the Tents or bungalows provided by the Similan National Marine Park, on a diving liveaboard or on an overnight touring boat.

Khao Lak is the closest landfall to the Similan Islands and is a growing and very safe resort town. Accommodation style ranges from budget to some of the most luxurious boutique hotels in the world. Whether staying for a single night or for lots of beach side “recovery” time before and after your visit, Khao Lak is the perfect place to stay.

Please enquire with us for more info and prices.
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